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Welcome to 411FakeID.biz

We set up this site from our college dorms in an attempt to stop people who got scammed by ID-Need like us from falling for further scams! We sent some scumbag in China $800 and got nothing in return :(


There are definitely legit sites out there, so we decided to rank all the ones anyone we know has had experience with, and allow people to add in their own.



If you want us to add a site please email us, we will only add sites with 5 reviews or more, so if we don’t add your site away don’t worry, if we get more reviews we will! Also all reviews must be submitted from a REAL isp address (i.e Don’t use TOR or a VPN to mask your identity as thats what scammers do)



Here, anyone can leave a review – we do moderate but that’s just to delete the viagra spam and other garbage we get. Any review, good or bad, as long as it seems legitimate will be approved.



If you have experience with a site, please leave them a review on their review page. If they don’t have a review page yet, please email me and I’ll add one once we get 5 confirmed buyers review it.


3 Responses so far.

  1. Tracey says:

    Can you review pimpmyfak.es please?

  2. Open-ids.com says:

    Can you review open-ids.com please?