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About 411FakeID.biz

WhereToBuyFakeID.biz was started by a couple college kids after some of us were scammed. We needed a good ID and we didn’t want to risk our money repeatedly, scammers are making a mockery of American kids. Dozens of websites operating out of China and even the USA are ripping us off and giving us nothing when we order fake ID!

We decided to make a platform where not only do we rate the fake ID websites we purchase our IDs from, but we let people submit their own ratings too!

And so, WhereToBuyFakeID.biz was born!


There are 64 people in our block, and as of last nights count 19 of them had a fake ID. We will report back on every vendor we can (that has a website) and give you the lowdown on where to go to get a fake ID safely and confidently!


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