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New-Ids.com Review – Are they legit?

New-Ids.com have been around nearly the longest of any fake ID vendor.

We know their name and reputation but none of us have ordered from them! If you have ordered from New-Ids.com please let us know and add some info or a detailed review for us :)
Thanks :)



Massachusetts ID

Massachusetts ID





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        9 Responses so far.

        1. BogeyYogi says:

          The above comment is funny my id missing the holos maybe this guy was drunk when he made this batch. I too was promised a replacement hopefully within the next week. Everything else about it seem like it would pass in a liquor store.

        2. millitzer says:

          2 weeks and no ID. The seller said he would send me a replacement but i am still waiting….. Looking at the reviews he looks legit so i guess all i can do it wait.

        3. KessryCheese says:

          I love my ID. I was a bit apprehensive at fist $150 is a lot of money but it was worth it. All my details are correct the ID looks as it was described and it came within the delivery time. YAy

        4. mrojek says:

          I am happy with my ID except the UV is missing but i have been promised a replacement. It arrived within 3 days so i would have had it for the weekend like i wanted but unsure weather i should risk it without the uv… The hologram looks okay i have nothing to compare it too so i hope it is good enough.

        5. davey_b says:

          My Fake arrived in 3 working days.
          The stealth was good enough it came in the post so no complaints there.
          My picture is a tiny bit outta place compared to my brothers but i think that is just me being pickey,
          The UV looks good and so is the hologram
          Trying it out tomorrow night wish me luck

        6. GallowBoob says:

          Good everything happy i got my id after being scammed by another site. I recommend.

        7. Omoshiroi_ says:

          Does anyone else think $50 for express delivery is a little steep?

        8. notorious623 says:

          Me and my friends want to order some ids is there anyway they can be sent to our addresses? I have asked NewID but not had a reply we just dont want them all going to one address.

        9. phadewilkilu says:

          I want to order a ID but i need it within a week for definiate. Do these people delivery on time?

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