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NoveltyIDs.co Review


Has been linked to a former scammer and current status is unknown, not replying to many emails. Stay away for now!

NoveltyIDs.co was formerly only on SilkRoad but moved to clearweb

They offer only one state. – Illinois.

Communication was medium to poor, a lot of emails were not replied to

Pricing is $175 each

Turnaround from placing order to delivery: 9 weeks

ID is acceptable, some errors on the template, but it works in most places, our friend has been rejected with it multiple times but never had it confiscated (Bouncers are just Not sure – rather than knowing its fa flat out fake)

Hologram is accurate, uv looks ok, It has microprint on the back, stand up to scrutiny.

But the first ID we got scans with the wrong persons info!!!

We had to wait for a replacement which took 5 weeks, bumping up total delivery time to WAY over what we hoped for :(

At their usual price they are $175 each, so not the cheapest – we give 5/10 for value for money.

Overall, an acceptable quality ID, with slow shipping.


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Illinois ID

Illinois ID





      Overall Quality




          Value for money



            • - Microprint


            • - Speed is poor
            • - Overall Quality not the best
            • - Mistakes made on scanning info

            3 Responses so far.

            1. Deadman Titan says:

              ID took weeks to get to me which meant i missed the party i needed it for even tho the seller assured me it would be here on time.

            2. dortmund trikot 2014 says:

              Good vendor, my ID had an error but they sent a replacement

            3. This site is run by a confirmed scammer, i’d be careful

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