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ReallyGoodFakes.com review

ReallyGoodFakes is one of the oldest fake ID suppliers in the USA.

They offer  alot of states,  (CA OLD, CO, CT, FL, IL, NY, OH, PA)

Communication was slow, our friend said they only got one or two replies to emails.

Pricing is $150 per ID

Total turnaround from placing order to delivery: 1 month

I received my ID, after having doubts of the validity of this website. It took about a month to receive my ID. I have to say after spending 150 I was pleased with the results. I spent the next day using it with no problems.

My ID scanned and not a single security questioned my ID. Mind you this is a New York ID.

The ID did scan

At their usual price they are $150 each, so not the cheapest – we give 7/10 for value for money.

Overall, a good quality ID from a well known and reliable (if very slow) supplier

Have you had an experience with ReallyGoodFakes.com? Please leave your feedback below.

New York Fake ID

New York Fake ID





      Overall Quality




          Value for money



            • - Microprint
            • - Quality


            • - Slow shipping!
            • - Pricey - better value is available

            23 Responses so far.

            1. Halo says:

              Its been 2 months so far hopefully it will only be another 4 weeks. Good value for money but shipping time sucks.

            2. Sheila says:

              Cheap ID not bad quality for price.

            3. Daddiooooo says:

              Are these guys legit 3 months shipping seems suspicious??!!

            4. canada says:

              Yeah legit but slow, like others have said, I’m looking around for somewhere else this time

            5. TommyZ says:

              Theyre legit jsut take forever! I have eben waitin 2 months but my friends got one a while back so I guess it might be worth the wait

            6. Olivier-FR says:

              Anyone else having problems placing an order?

            7. comradebat says:

              I am thinking about being a reseller for these guys is anyone else?

            8. pf_throwaway322 says:

              Anyones ordered in the last couple weeks

            9. Hurrah! says:

              This site is defo legit they can just be a little slow

            10. FakeWorld says:

              I ordered 23 IDs from them and they all came, they scan and have holos and look fantastic

            11. Erika N says:

              RGF are the business! No doubt about it

            12. Sarah Palin says:

              ReallyGoodFakes are exactly what they say! REALLY GOOD FAKES

            13. Dhupal says:

              4 IDs for $500 is a little steep, but I’d rather go with a long time vendor like RGF than some new site that might run away with your money!

            14. Jpai says:

              Yessssssssssssss fam my ID arrived today. Love it. Love RGF

            15. SquirtleBirtle says:

              Dope as fuck, my ID is awesome.

            16. Black_Lotus_Eater says:

              Does anyone think $250 for New is a bit much?!

            17. JessupBrundle says:

              Has anyone else seem this $90 Colorado Promo until Feb 9th 2015?!!!!

            18. Black_Lotus_Eater says:

              I want to order has anyone put the barcode scanning to the test?

            19. MissSara13 says:

              I chose priority shipping and received my id in 3 working days. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Everything about it seems spot on according to the website i have nothing to compare it to so i cant say 100% I have checked the uv and the holograms are all in the right place. I did a group order with my friends so the price was pretty reasonable.

            20. momisery says:

              My ID is missing the UV but i have been promised a replacement. Apart from that everything else looks good just need to put it to the test.

            21. Jorge says:

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            22. rhiever says:

              Anyone having problems creating a ticket on RGF website?

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