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scannablefakeids.com Review – Are they legit?

ScannableFakeIDs.com Review

I’m reviewing this from an instate perspective. I know it’s not recommended to buy IDs and use them instate. Please don’t tell me how I should have known better.


10/10: Fast, very fast. Took 1 day to process and make the order then 9 days to get here.

Customer Service

10/10: ScannableFakeIDs was very helpful when I asked a question. Every question you might have is probably answered in the FAQ so sometimes they’ll ignore you if you ask something dumb


10/10: Stealthy enough to get here fast and on time so it gets a 10 from me.



Pros: The IDs holograms are decent! The UV is great. They did an excellent job on the photo, editing it to make it exactly right. Scans and all the correct information comes up. Bends and feels like the real ID.

All In All

It’ll work great out of state but instate like expected you’ll have to be more careful. I’ve used it at a few of the laxer places near me, but like anyone they recommend purchasing an out of state ID to use for fake usage, I went with a CT ID even though I live here, I’m sure it’ll work pretty much anywhere it looks more or less identical to my real one.

I really do appreciate the work that went into making these Fake IDs.

Have you had an experience with scannablefakeids.com? Please leave a comment below!

Connecticut Fake ID

Connecticut Fake ID





      Overall Quality




          Value for money



            • - Superb Communication
            • - Fast Turnaround
            • - Unusual State


            23 Responses so far.

            1. Petra D says:

              OK this convinced me, I am gonna order 3 IDs from them. Fingers crossed and I’ll report back when I get them!

            2. Coco says:

              After reading nothing but good reviews on scannablefakeids.com i have just placed a order! I will leave a proper review once i have received it i actually cannot wait eekkk!!

            3. HerpDerp says:

              Are these guys definitely genuine>?

            4. Kacey K says:

              How do I know these guys are legit?

            5. Sugar12 says:

              I’m about to order 8 IDs from them for my buddies and I, hope they come as quick as some people are reporting

            6. OPisgay says:

              has anyone had to wait 2 weeks for an ID before? I ordered nearly 2 weeks ago and getting a bit worried. They keep replyign to my emails so I hope it’s gonna come but i’m jsut a bit worried :/

            7. AyiaNapia says:

              Yeah waiting up to 2 weeks is normal, they send pretty quick but I’ve ordered from them a few times and never had one get lost. Sometimes takes a couple weeks to arrive though. I resell for them around my college so I buy regularly and make a nice little profit on it :)

            8. Messi says:

              I give scannablefakeids.com a 10/10 for the simple fact they they are legit. I have been scammed recently but these guys have nothing but good reviews. Their ID is remarkable i use it regularly and have never had any problems. Not many sites offer CT so i dont think bouncers know what to look out for so i highly recommend ordering yourself a CT ID unless you actually live there. It not a good idea to use a fake ID the same as the state you live in.

              Shipping took 2 weeks which is far quicker than any other site i have found. I have told all my friends who have ordered too.

            9. Halo says:

              I have been reselling for scannablefakeids.com for a while now some take 2 weeks sometimes it takes a little longer all depends on the time of year and post. My last batch took 2.5 weeks but the batch before took 3 weeks.

            10. Barbie says:

              I have had a few fakeids in the past but these guys definitely top the lot.

            11. Daddiooooo says:

              Do these IDs definitely scan?

            12. Awesome says:

              This site really is the best, I ordered 2 and got them within a week, I’ve reccomended all my friends buy from them too. Althought it’d prob look a bit odd if we’re all from Colorado haha

            13. Flagship says:

              Communication 10/10 The longest i had to wait for a reply from scannablefakeids. was 4 hours although i did only email during office hours so this might have been a contributing factor.

              Security features 9/10 My ID has both the UV and holograms both of which i have checked against the real thing and they are identical and all in the right places. I know the pricing is a little bit high but for these sort of security features i wouldn’t expect to pay less to be honest.

              Quality 10/10 I have yet to be refused from any bar/club or liquor store which is my reasoning for giving scannablefakeids.com a 10/10

            14. Nessie says:

              Delivery takes 2 weeks. I have read some reviews saying it can take up to 3 weeks but mine came in 13 days. The ID is lush so i would hurry up and get your order in if i were you.

            15. Starlight says:

              Can someone please help me i want to place a order but no idea how or where to buy bitcoins?!!

            16. April says:

              Do these IDs scan?

            17. Fruityloops says:

              scannablefakeids.com is the best

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